A little progress, and some great tutorials to explore

Japanese Feather Scarf progress

As you can see in the above picture, there has been some knitting. The scarf is now about halfway done, despite a significant mishap involving Little Fox and both cats that required ripping out several rows, picking up dropped stitches, and splicing the yarn in three places. It’s lucky for me that the Malabrigo Laceweight is super easy to splice since it’s a softly spun single. It’s also really lovely. This is my favorite laceweight I have worked with thus far. It is soft, fuzzy, subtly variegated, and I am completely charmed with it. Little Fox and Willow have colds, so there has been sniffly, achy, miserableness that has needed extra mothering. Since reading is one of the few activities readily compatible with comforting a sick toddler, there has been a plunge into knitting books, a whole bunch of knitting books. I’m thinking a series of book reviews would be appropriate blog fodder for sometime soon. At this point, suffice it to say that I love my public library system. I’m still fantasizing about colorwork, and also about spinning. I’ve been playing around with charting using Excel, thanks to Marnie’s fabulous tutorial. Marnie’s tutorial series is really amazing, and if you are doing some designing, whether for some form of publication or just for yourself, I bet you’d learn something new from these. For me, there’s probably enough material there to keep me playing around for a year or two.


Stay-on toddler bootees that couldn’t

Stay-on Booties

Here they are. All done. But already sadly defeated. If anyone has any ideas for keeping Little Fox’s one-year-old toes warm and dry this winter, drop me a line. We’ve tried soft-soled shoes, different types of socks, and now these booties, with no success. He pulls off or squirms out of everything I put on his feet. Knitting him longies with footies may be my only recourse, but that will take me at least a week. I’ve posted in the Knitters with Small Children forum in Ravelry. Maybe they’ll have some good ideas.