What I’m knitting now

Quick Knit Lacy Scarfette

This is the latest project. It is the first of 4 short scarves I am knitting to go with some Ruby Vegas shawl pins for Christmas gifts. Little Fox has not been cooperating with my efforts to take photos (it’s very difficult to take a good photo in diminishing daylight with a one-year-old jiggling you) so this is the best I could do for now. The pattern is something I improvised because I wanted something non-curling that would stretch 100 yards or so of dk-weight merino as far as possible. When I finish it, if I’m still happy with the design, I’ll post it for you.  Here’s a picture of the body pattern.

Lace pattern of Lacy Scarfette

Stay-on toddler bootees that couldn’t

Stay-on Booties

Here they are. All done. But already sadly defeated. If anyone has any ideas for keeping Little Fox’s one-year-old toes warm and dry this winter, drop me a line. We’ve tried soft-soled shoes, different types of socks, and now these booties, with no success. He pulls off or squirms out of everything I put on his feet. Knitting him longies with footies may be my only recourse, but that will take me at least a week. I’ve posted in the Knitters with Small Children forum in Ravelry. Maybe they’ll have some good ideas.

What I’ve been up to

first kitchenered toe

I kitchenered my first sock toe.

Stay-on Baby Bootie

I knitted this bootie, from this pattern, which will hopefully stay on my son’s feet and keep his toes warm this winter, since he’s been defeating all attempts to keep socks or shoes on his feet.

New design project

I started working on this design, which I will give more details about later.