Cheetah Couture

Cheetah Couture

A cheetah sweater. Isn’t it cute? What? You don’t knit sweaters for your children’s toys? Whyever not? Makes the kid happy, and if you’re inventive, replaces a gauge swatch for something else. Quick, easy, and if the fit is not terribly precise, who’s to care? Also, the cheetah will never outgrow this sweater, will not decide that it’s too itchy to wear, and will not develop a sudden aversion to the color. I think I might do some more of these as gauge swatches or to test out pattern stitches in a super small project. I’m pleased that, unlike socks or mittens, I only have to knit one.

One Response to “Cheetah Couture”

  1. pdxknitterati Says:

    The cheetah looks very handsome in his sweater. I knit a sweater for a stuffed mouse, which I also knit. The sweater is made from leftover yarn from my son’s sweater, which made him very happy. You can see the mouse on my blog in the post “Old Knit Friends” from 6/20/08. I tried to post a link but WP wouldn’t let me!

    Your wavy rib socks look great.

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