Hah! You thought I was gone for good, didn’t you?

Here I am, back again after a really long break.  There has been knitting.  There has been moving to a small town in the Cascade Mountains.  Now, there is extremely cold weather with snow.  My little weather gadget places current conditions at 11 degrees F (that’s -12 Celsius).  This has me thinking about covering all available people in warm wooly things.  Over the summer I made a gift for a very small person who I hope is now warm and cozy.  Here it is:

Baby Surprise Jacket

A Baby Surprise Jacket knitted in oddballs of worsted weight wool on 4mm needles (US 6).   It came out charming and about 6 months to 1 year size, which is what I was going for. Of course the pattern is from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Workshop.  I knitted a collar and longer sleeves, and its been a long time so I don’t remember exactly how I did it, but you can find the relevant information for the collar at the KnitWiki’s BSJ page. I think for the sleeves I started out with a provisional cast-on at the start of the pattern (which is knitted all in one piece), then at the end knitted down until the sleeve length matched the length of the sleeves on one of Little Fox’s baby sweaters. You can find information about obtaining the pattern and how it goes together on the KnitWiki page I linked to above.

The recipients are fiber people (Baby R’s mama knits and spins), and are gung-ho for wool, so I knew this would be well received.  They live on a farm in an old farmhouse in Multnomah County which is frequently damp and chilly, so I thought the little one should have something warm and cozy.  This fit the bill nicely and was great fun to knit.  I am looking forward to another opportunity to knit a BSJ as soon as someone has a baby and I have some notice. Every time you knit one there’s a chance to play around with it and do something new and different.  Next time I think I’ll play with stripes some more.  On this one the stripes came out a bit more subtle than I had envisioned.

Bear has asked me to knit something for a couple of his colleagues with new babies, but there’s no time for two BSJs in the next month, so I’m planning to do a couple of cute baby hats.  Ravelry keeps me up to my eyeballs in interesting patterns.  I’ll post some more finished projects from the break soon.