Fibery Links and Other Good Stuff

My Free Patterns

Quick No-Purl Keyhole Scarf

Reversible Cabled Brioche Stitch Scarf

Tilting at Windmills Baby Blanket

Baby/Toddler Scarf-and-Hat

Free Patterns I Admire

Luna Moth Shawl
(330 yds worsted weight yarn)

Ribbed Lace Bolero
(414 yds worsted weight yarn)

Swirl Ball
(scraps of two or more colors worsted weight yarn)

Simple Slant Shawl Formula
(suitable for any yarn and gauge, customizable)

Unbiased Scarf
(426 yds worsted weight yarn)

Saartje’s Fleeglized Bootie (seamless!)

Celestine Tree Topper
(288 yds dk weight yarn)

My Tutorials

How to Wash and Block a Circular Shawl

Great Knitting Techniques

Twisted German Cast-On Video
a brilliant stretchy cast-on for socks, hats, or almost anything else

Healthier Knitting Tips

I-Cord Bind-Off

How to Make a Pattern Row Counter

Other Good Stuff

(free audio books for everyone, great to knit by)

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