A little progress and some good links to visit

Corded Rib Sock in progress

Here you see an updated progress shot of the second Corded Rib Sock.

Stole in Progress

My knitting focus has been on this stole I am designing, based on the traditional Feather and Fan stitch, but splaying out from a central increase. My plan for this is to use unusual construction to make a pleasingly symmetrical stole which is pointed at both ends. The ends will not be precisely identical, but related, just to make things more interesting (and also to avoid grafting in the middle, which I do not enjoy). I love designing, and I am still feeling quite smug with my idea for this, which came out of a need to find something to do with some really garish variegated laceweight merino, and will be unlike anything I have seen done before. You will just have to see it to understand. I’m planning to put a pattern for it together, and it’s going to be a real learning experience to come up with a way to convey the concepts so that others can actually knit their own stole from it.

Since I’m not offering much these days I’m going to pepper you with helpful and interesting links: