Urchin modeled by lamp

This is my version of Urchin, knitted in Wool Ease Thick and Quick which was a Christmas gift from my youngest brother (who also gave me the yarn for the Quick No-Purl Keyhole Scarf). I love the pattern, and already want to make it again in a more softly colored yarn that is all wool. It is a fun hat, which I think is pretty cute. My little bedside lamp turns out to make a pretty good hat model. I attempted to get a modeled shot by letting my 4 1/2 year old–we’ll call her Willow on the blog–attempt some pictures. Alas, while smart, charming, and practically perfect in every way, she is not a photographic prodigy. Attempts at self-portraiture were also unsuccessful. One of these days I may do one huge knitwear modeling session with Bear, but for now, knitwear will be modeled by lamps or stuffed animals or the furniture. I know my dear readers will forgive me. If you are wishing to practice short-rows, or show off some variegated or handspun bulky yarn, this is a great pattern. I rarely knit from others’ patterns, but this one was quick, well-written, fun, and came out charming. It might also be fun to do a baby-sized version as a matching hat to go with a baby surprise jacket. I think it would work out baby-sized knitted in sportweight yarn, although swatching and math would be required to find out for certain.


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