Knitting for a Good Cause

Bunny with Mother Bear Project Bear in-Progress

Originally uploaded by fireflowerknits

This is Bunny, holding one of my present projects. Bunny was my favorite stuffed animal as a small child, and followed me all the way to college. Bunny listened to my girlish secrets, comforted me when I was upset, dried my tears with his floppy ears, and kept me company all through each night from the time I was around three years old until well into my teens. By college I could sleep without him, but I brought him along from Arizona to Texas as a familiar presence in my institutional-feeling dorm room.

Bunny is holding a work-in-progress, a bear for Mother Bear Project. Mother Bear Project provides hand-knitted or crocheted teddy bears to children (mostly in Africa) who are suffering from poverty, AIDS, and violence. Sometimes the problems of the world can seem overwhelming, but knitting for Mother Bear Project is a small, tangible thing I can do to address the suffering of these children. The pattern, available in exchange for a small donation to Mother Bear Project, is very simple, and calls for scraps of worsted weight washable yarn. I use odds and ends from my acrylic stash, you could also use washable cotton or wool. There are many worthy charity knitting projects out there, and I encourage you to check out this list of knitting charities on Interweave’s website and consider knitting something for a cause that you care about. There is really something for everyone. I find it a definite stress-reliever to work on something which I know will be a comfort to a hurting child. Charity projects can also be a great stash-buster. Many charities are seeking small projects like afghan squares or caps or baby clothes which are quick to knit and do a lot of good for the recipients.

Our latest news is that after a whirlwind trip north for interviews last week, we have accepted a job in Vancouver, Washington, just over the border from Portland, Oregon. We will be moving at the beginning of October. I will probably not have a lot of knitting or blogging time in the interval but I am really looking forward to getting involved with the vibrant knitting and blogging community in the Portland area.


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