Starting the Edging

Starting the Edging

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Bear has an interview next week, and if they are as excited about him in person as they are over the phone, it means we will be moving within a month. On the one hand we have to be ready to move if he gets hired, on the other hand, there’s no guarantee of that, so we have to be ready to stay where we are, too. Stressful. I have been researching schools, and looking for reasonably priced apartments in nice neighborhoods with good schools, walking distance from public libraries. All by internet, because all this is in a city several hundred miles away, and we have to check out neighborhoods and apartments while we’re there for the interview next week. My brain is swimming.

I have managed to make some progress on the shawl. Here you can see the finished rose lace motifs and the start of the edging. I felt like I was close to finishing until I did some math and figured out that if I continue at the rate I was knitting on the roses, the edging will take 19 days to knit. Ah well, it’s pleasant knitting, and I like the short 11 stitch rows after weeks of working in interminable rounds. I’m feeling somewhat smug about the edging because after swatching quite a few edging patterns and not finding anything I particularly liked, I just made up my own. Basically, I pulled out some graph paper, combined elements from a few edgings I liked, and voila! There it was. A charming little edging with the right row repeat and all the elements I wanted. Sometime I’ll have to make a chart of it for all of you and post it here. Of course, right now it all looks pretty homely, because it hasn’t been blocked, but I feel like it’s coming together pretty much as I envisioned it. It’s a satisfying feeling. Definitely a good way to unwind from the stress of long-distance apartment hunting.

I had a lovely package arrive from Fleecemaker’s Fibers Etsy shop. It’s some pretty Romney roving in her Warm Blues colorway and it was quite a bargain, only $10.50 including shipping for 4 ounces of fiber. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, but it’s pretty and very soft. If you’re in the market for fiber, go check out her shop.


One Response to “Starting the Edging”

  1. flwrhead Says:

    The edging looks great! You’re right about the fiber prices being a bargain, but I have to wonder what she’s doing (likely unintentionally) to the other indie dyers and spinners. Pricing her hard work below the market standard will hurt those who make their living through the fiber arts. I love a bargain as much as the next person, but 4 oz. of handdyed roving typically sells for $15, with shipping on top of that. I think she’s undervaluing her wares.

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