Rose Lace Progress

Lace roses on the anniversary shawl

Originally uploaded by fireflowerknits

This is a progress shot I took of the shawl on Tuesday. I have made a lot of progress since then, but have been too busy knitting to take another picture of it. Now I have gotten to the end of the second skein of yarn, so I need to stop and wind the third skein into a ball before I can knit further on the leaves. Wish me luck. I wind balls of yarn by hand, and with two young cats plus a preschooler and an active 10 month old it’s always an adventure.

At this point my biggest challenge will be to keep from getting caught up in the feeling of being so close to finishing, and ending up hurting my hands or wrists in my enthusiasm to complete this section. These rounds are deceptively long, and I’m dealing with a fair bit of drag from the number of stitches and the growing weight of the shawl so it takes more wrist strength to knit than it did at the beginning. Still, it’s nice to be at a point where progress is readily visible. For today my goal is to get the next skein of yarn wound into a ball and start charting out options for edgings.

In my Pi Shawl endeavors I have been far surpassed by Kelley who completed a half-Pi shawl on US size 1 needles (in two months!) which she wore as her wedding veil. Even as a half circle shawl, hers used more yardage than mine will use when its complete. That’s a ton of knitting and its gorgeous. Go check out the pictures on her blog here.  Further specs are here if you want to know more about how she did it.


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