Sock Progress

Sock Progress

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I have made some progress on the purple tweed sock. The leg is now almost finished. For some reason, the knitting two stitches together on the tiny needles is especially tiring for my hands, so I just do a few rounds at a time. Also, we were away over the weekend, and I had very little time for knitting.

My parents’ anniversary shawl was stalled for several days when I reached the increase from 288 to 570 stitches while I counted and recounted to make sure the stitches were divided correctly for the rose lace section. I didn’t anticipate how formidable a task it would be to count all those tiny white stitches squished onto the 29″ needle. Every so often my concentration would fail and I would just have to put it on hold for a bit until I could regain my focus. I think the round just following the increase to 570 stitches took me 4 days all together, because I was checking and double checking to make sure the counts were correct. It felt like being caught in a knitting blizzard, an endless flurry of tiny white stitches. The shawl is finally coming along again, helped by five rounds of simple stockinette which went by quickly, but it’s not at a good point for photographing. When I get a bit further into the roses I’ll post another progress picture.

I’m really grateful to Knitting Pattern Central for all the new traffic I’ve been getting. I want to say again that if you have questions or comments about a pattern, and certainly if you find an error, I would love to hear from you. My e-mail is fireflowerknitsATgmailDOTcom. I would also really appreciate seeing photos of anything anyone makes based on one of the patterns.


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