Shawl Progress

Shawl Progress

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I frogged back to the 288 stitch increase and reknit the floral mesh lace after aligning the repeats so they matched up better with the fountain lace from the 144 stitch section. Here you can see the floral mesh lace. I really love this lace pattern, and I think it will coordinate nicely with the rose lace motif I put together earlier. Really, frogging and re-knitting was not as much of an ordeal as I expected. I am so much happier with how it looks after fixing it. Now it’s just a matter of knitting and knitting and knitting. I have to pace myself so I can avoid a repetitive stress injury. The centered double decreases in this lace pattern can be especially hard on my hands. I try to pick it up and knit a little a few times throughout the day, rather than knitting in one long slog. Also, if I start to feel sore I stop and take a good long break. That helps.

I’m thinking of starting a new project for variety, and so I have something more interesting to blog. I’m going to be putting together some more free pattern offerings from time to time, so if there’s something you are particularly looking for and can’t find, leave me a comment and I may be willing to oblige you. Also, I may be able to point you to an existing pattern, as I keep up with pretty much all the free patterns available on the ‘Net via Knitting Pattern Central and Crochet Pattern Central. I really enjoy design, so I’m interested in people’s input on what they’re interested in working on at the moment. For me working with some guidelines helps to channel my creativity. Also, if I’m going to put together a pattern, it’s nice to know that someone actually wants to knit it.

Comments are always welcome and appreciated.


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