One-Skein Wonders

One-Skein Wonders

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This book was a bargain I got in the KnitPicks Summer Book Sale (which is still going on if you would like to get 40% off some knitting book you’ve been eyeing for a while). I like the concept of a book full of one-skein patterns, and the fact that there are 101 of them in this one small book appeals to my thrifty side. There are a lot of useful patterns in here. Among these are couple of one skein baby sweater patterns, an assortment of hats, scarves, and bags. It also includes some patterns I doubt I will ever use, like the coffee mitt on page 125 and the ice scraper mitt on page 83. Still, there are a good selection of simple patterns for instant gratification knitting or last minute gifts. For me, it largely satisfies the constant question lurking in the back of my mind, “how do I squeeze every last inch out of this ball of yarn?” “how far can I get with just this one skein?” I will probably use it frequently just as a jumping off point, referencing it to be sure that I can accomplish my intended knitting goal with just the odd ball of yarn I have on hand. There are some pretty nice shawl patterns in the book, though some of them stretch the limits of the one skein concept. I’m not sure it counts as one skein if it has over 1000 yards. However, the Schaefer Andrea silk called for in the Floral Mesh Shawl pattern looks lovely, so I don’t mind the exception. There are some interesting sock patterns for heavier weight yarns. I would have liked to see one or two lacy ankle sock patterns that call for just 50g of regular sock yarn, as it would be nice to find a pretty pattern for using with just one ball of Koigu or another special sock yarn. On the whole, it’s a nice addition to my knitting library and I’m looking forward to trying some of the patterns when I finish up the Anniversary Shawl.


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