Bump in the road.

Shawl in Progress

Originally uploaded by fireflowerknits

I have been speeding along on the anniversary shawl, knitting something in the realm of 1200 stitches a day. I was just getting into the 288 stitch section when something started to niggle at the back of my mind. Something wasn’t looking quite right. You really can’t tell in the quick picture I was able to get this morning in the dim light in my apartment, but I somehow managed to mess up the lace pattern at the third or fourth round of the 288 stitch section. It wasn’t an obvious error for quite a few rounds because I managed to make the same mistake consistently all the way around that pattern round. I checked the chart. It wasn’t the chart. The chart is accurate. It was probably the consequence of some late night knitting after the kids went to bed a couple nights ago. There’s really nothing to do but rip back. Ah well, in the vast scheme of things, what’s a couple days knitting ripped for the sake of beauty in something that will ultimately be an heirloom? I’ll go back to the increase round and thread some cotton thread through the knit stitches and yarn overs with a tapestry needle, then rip back.


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