Lace in the Window

Lace in the Window

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This is the classic “lace in the window” shot for the shawl as it was on Wednesday, in its brief ultra-photogenic stage. It now is becoming increasingly shapeless and blob-like as the circumference increases. At the moment it is in time out while I consider whether I want to drop down stitches a few rows to fix a mistake or tink back. I think I will try dropping down stitches and then I can always tink back if necessary. I am still in love with the project. I am starting to be on guard lest my enthusiasm suddenly wane, because while my deadline is the end of December, I know that the 288 stitch rounds and the 576 stitch rounds will take a lot more knitting than the 144 stitch rounds. After that point, there will still be the edging to knit on. I haven’t picked an edging pattern yet, but I am still trying to sort out how the thirty rose lace motifs will be arranged in the 576 stitch section. Probably I will leave out 6 increases in the last increase round and make the last section 570 stitches. That makes 30 segments of 19 stitches to put the roses in. Edgings with 4, 6, 10, or 12 rows will work with the stitch count (for those interested in the knitting math, 1 stitch is bound off for each 2 edging rows and 570 is divisible by 2, 3, 5, and 6), but that doesn’t rule out all that many edgings. I’ll have to look through Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns and Sarah’s collection of vintage edgings and see which ones I think will suit the rose lace best. Well that’s enough math for one post. Who knew prime factorization would turn out to be so useful?

For your web-surfing pleasure I will include a few links I have enjoyed this week:

If by some crazy chance you haven’t yet discovered the podcast “Cast On”, I have been listening to the old episodes this week and finding them a real pleasure.

Garnstudio has a huge directory of knitting patterns available in English (UK knitting terms) on their website which are fun to browse through.

The Summer of Socks has a Flickr Group which is fun to look through. This would be a great way to discover a new pattern, technique, or yarn for knitting socks.

Techknitter’s Subject index is a treasure trove of technical advice about many aspects of knitting. I am in awe of this method for joining circular knitting.

Hope you find at least one in those that is new to you and that you enjoy. If you find anything on the blog useful, helpful, enjoyable, or even erroneous, please send me a comment. It’s nice to know what’s working for the readers and what isn’t. I aim to please (except when I don’t feel like it).


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