Diversion from the Real Issue

Socks That Rock

Originally uploaded by fireflowerknits

Yes, I know, this is not a knitting picture. This is not even a picture of yarn I am presently knitting with. There will be pictures of things I’m presently knitting. It will happen. Just not right now. In the mean time, I wanted to post something, anything, even if not present-day knitting. This is beautiful yarn I got at Black Sheep Gathering. It’s STR LIghtweight in the Backstabber colorway. The color name sounds awful, doesn’t it? But it’s a really lovely range of deep magenta and raspberry red and plum purple. If you are knitting for the Summer of Socks, this might inspire you. I am so taken with it that I’m really tempted to make something other than socks with it, so I can show it off. Although I do love wearing really beautiful handmade socks.

We have all had a really awful stomach bug in the last week, and there has not been a lot of knitting done. I really should have posted a picture of saltines and gingerale and a plastic trash bucket, as that would have encapsulated the week quite well. I have had a brilliant flash of motherly knitting inspiration, the fruit of which I will share tomorrow. In the mean time, go forth and knit something and enjoy.


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