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These are growing right outside my door. They are called Oregon Grape or Oregon-grape to differentiate from true grapes. They are the berries of the Oregon state flower. A book I have says that the berries are edible, but tart. Apparently they can be used for making jelly or homemade wine. I don’t think I’m going to try it this year.

In other news, I have finished spinning the roving from before and now I need to set the twist before I find out how I am doing as far as making knitable yarn. Hopefully I’ll find time for that soon. It has to be in the early morning, though, because otherwise it is just to hot to do anything that involves simmering in hot water. I am also working on a lace motif for an anniversary shawl for my parents. I am cobbling together a couple of patterns from Barbara Walker’s stitch treasuries to come up with a border containing thirty roses in honor of their thirty years together. Hopefully the light and the children will cooperate so I can post a picture later of my prototype motif. Right now I am thinking of a 60″ diameter round shawl with a center motif, a simple ground, a rose border, and then a beaded edging. I haven’t decided whether I want a Pi-style shawl or one with evenly distributed increases every few rounds. Anyway, it’s nice to get into the creative design side of things, in the midst of working through the Liesel chart where I am merely following someone else’s design.


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