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This is the difficult-to-photograph scarf which I mentioned in my last post. It is too dark in my apartment to get a photo without the flash, and too sunny outside in my tiny courtyard. The pattern is available free online.  The yarn is soft and lovely.  Any worsted or dk weight yarn would work with the pattern.

I am making peace with the chart now, though I still don’t have it memorized.  Someone else might find it easier.  Still, it is progressing along, and I am in a fairly nice rhythm.  Of course I am always dealing with a life full of interruptions from small children and playful cats.  I am in a strange place with my knitting.  I have tons of handknit scarves.  I use them a lot in the fall and winter, but in a small apartment with minimal storage I regularly question the wisdom of making more.  Still, I hardly wear the shawls and wraps I have made.  I have a couple of sweaters near completion which are on hold because they need some detail work in the finishing, and cat-free kid-free time for sewing-up or blocking is in amazingly short supply.  I should really make more socks, but it’s amazing how little sock-appropriate yarn I have in the stash.  Bear keeps giving me alpaca and alpaca blends.  He brings me boxes of yarn instead of flowers for special occasions, which I really love.  He gravitates toward collections of two or three balls each in several colors.  His color sense is charming, but I haven’t totally settled on what to do with a number of my yarn “bouquets”.  Oh well, it’s something to puzzle over.


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