I have attempted to photograph my Liesel scarf, but it is not cooperating. Quite honestly, it is not a terribly cooperative project in general. It gets a certain amount of credit for being pretty. It gets credit for using up some green Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK which Bear* gave me for my birthday a couple years ago. But I like projects worked from charts to allow me to attain a sort of flow state after a while when I have memorized the chart. This lace pattern has patterning on both sides. It has knit stitches on wrong side rows which move around from row to row. It is not symmetrical, so I cannot simply look at the first half of the chart, then match it in reverse for the second half. I have to look attentively at the chart on every row, count stitches, use my row counter, and honestly, all that to make an alpaca scarf in the middle of summer when we are having near record heat. I am not terribly motivated but I refuse to be defeated. Besides, it is pretty, and I know that come fall when my husband, Bear, wants to go on long walks through the woods in what for my desert-raised self is freezing cold weather, it will look terribly fetching to have a length of soft, elegant, green leaves wrapped around my neck. However I take issue with this, which suggests that this is a four hour knit. 200 yards or so that it may be, I am expecting this to take at least three weeks of knitting time, because of the time it takes to stop and check the chart and count stitches and double check that I am on the right row of the pattern. I will commend it to you as a nicely done free pattern complete with chart which is great for stretching one’s lace-knitting and chart-following skills. I will also confess that my knitting time adds up to about one interrupted hour each day. Your mileage may vary.

* Web alias used to protect the privacy of the innocent .


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